Pre-Order Smart Toilet with automatic cleaning and deodorant

Price: $1,340.80
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Integrated appearance of luxury, stylish, elegant

  • A series of auto functions such as “auto flush”, “auto open/close” and “auto deodorization” presenting artificial intelligence perfectly
  • With Wash function uniting warm water cleansing, warm air drying, heated seat and deodorization in one li
  • Spraying water on the surface after your seating, make the surface wet, and prevent dirt attached.
  • Soft illumination, convenient use at night.
  • Instant heating to keep washing water temperature meet the standard of comfort.
  • Stylish wireless remote control, easy manipulation of all features.


Technical specifications


  • Dimentions : 800 * 420 * 610 mm
  • Material : ceramic
  • Type : one piece
  • Trap: S-trap
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